A Los Angeles Medical Center has a cogeneration facility with a gas turbine generating almost 3 MW of electricity. The waste heat recovery boiler generates high temperature hot water from the turbine exhaust gasses. Instead of utilizing a standard duct burner, this system was designed with a power burner firing into a combustion chamber in parallel with the turbine exhaust flow.

The challenges included:

      • Firing the burner without the turbine
      • Cofiring the burner with the turbine,
      • Providing maximum turndown without normalization of combustion conditions,
      • Meeting the 9 ppm ultra low NOx requirements of SCAQMD
      • Doing all of the above without the design documentation or support of the waste heat boiler OEM.

To complete this project, HTS successfully applied our design engineering expertise to successfully source test this burner retrofit in a complex high pressure and temperature cogeneration environment.