PROBLEM: UC Irvine has a number of steam boilers that serve as a backup to their cogeneration plant.  A number of years ago, they had another contractor retube one of the boilers.  Unfortunately the contractor was a little overzealous with the roll motor and overrolled many of the tube to drum joints.  HTS was called in to fix the leaks.


  • Removed the casings
  • Cut out and removed old tubes
  • Bended new tubes to match
  • Installed sleeves to match the overrolled tube holes and roll the tubes into place
  • Confirmed and documented the repair by sealing the pressure vessel and hydrotesting the boiler.

UC Irvine has asked HTS to perform this repair a number of times due to the damage previously done to the steam and mud drums. While we would prefer to supply all the equipment and installation on the front end, we are more than capable of providing repair solutions any time needed, whether that is during scheduled maintenance or in an emergency situation.