The Boiler Efficiency Institute (BEI) in Alabama, has long been the leader in facilities operations testing and training.  Their reputation for having extremely thorough and stringent criteria for equipment testing is centered around maximizing  safety and efficiencies for smooth operations and and cost savings.

The BEI literally “wrote the book” that all VA Hospitals must conform to, called the VHA Boiler Plant Safety Device Testing Manual. After the installation of three 1,000 horsepower Simoneau D-Type High Pressure Steam boilers at the VA Long Beach Hospital, HTS was asked to ensure the boiler plant safety device maintenance, inspection, calibration, and testing was in compliance with the VHA directives as per the VHA testing manual.

How did HTS do?

  • Boiler #1 – Took two test attempts to pass. Good, but we wanted to do better the next time around…
  • Boiler #2 – Passed on the first attempt!  The BEI technician performing the test was impressed and stated that “Nobody passes on the first attempt!”
  • Boiler #3 – Passed on the first attempt as well!

In addition to being proud of our superstar technician who demonstrated the skills and expertise HTS is known for in the marketplace, we respect organizations like the VA Hospitals who are proactive, understand the benefit of this level of maintenance, and hold their equipment to the highest level possible to ensure their operation is running as safely and efficiently as possible.

Whether you are a large hospital operating a central power plant or an elementary school with just a few hot water boilers, HTS can help keep your boiler equipment running smoothly with regular maintenance to prevent any costly issues that could disrupt your operation down the road.  We can prepare your equipment for 3rd party testing as we did here for the VA Long Beach.