When the Gas Technology Institute needed a demonstration site for their latest energy and water saving technology, they turned to Heat Transfer Solutions.  We worked with GTI and L&N Costume and Linen Service to properly apply GTI’s patented TMC technology, delivering significant energy and water savings for our client’s operation.

The TMC is a Transport Membrane Condenser designed to recover both sensible and latent heat, as well as water from low-temperature, high-moisture waste gas streams. “By recovering waste heat from our steam tunnel exhaust gas stream, the TMC preheats water from ambient temperature to about 120°F for our washing machine use,” says David Robbins, President of L&N Costume and Linen Supply, “and that reduces the steam demand from our boiler. Having hot water available in the morning at the hot water tank cuts the time it takes to prepare the water for the production process considerably—virtually by half. And that translates to quicker daily startups and faster production times”.

According to Mr. Robbins, this project wouldn’t have happened without the knowledge and expertise in boiler operation, steam and hot water systems, and energy efficiency that Heat Transfer Solutions brings to their clients.

For more information on the TMC or how to apply other energy efficiency technologies to your steam or hot water systems, please contact one our engineers at Heat Transfer Solutions.