PROBLEM:  A prime, luxury hotel in Coronado, California had a couple of aging Kewanee boilers that were in need of some care.  The Kewanee design is known to trap scale from the system near the back of the boiler, which can insulate the Morrison tube and cause damage to the boiler.  Unfortunately, the previous company providing annual service may not have known this.  The result was an inspector red tagging one boiler, not ideal in any industry, but especially inconvenient for a luxury hospitality customer.  The second boiler had heavy scale buildup and a complete retube was recommended.

SOLUTION:  Once HTS had proven itself on the boilers, we were awarded work for many other parts of the steam and hot water systems, including the following projects:

      • Boiler replacement –  Removed the damaged Kewanee boiler and installed a new Victory Energy Frontier Firetube Boiler with a 9ppm Ultra Low NOx burner.
      • Domestic hot water heat exchanger replacement – Removed the leaking Armstrong heat exchanger and installed a new Maxi-Therm HFF Series Heat Exchanger.
      • Boiler retube
      • Controls upgrades – Installed parallel positioning burner controls on the Kewanee that HTS retubed.  We also installed a lead/lag control to control the two boilers and maintain a steady steam pressure to the hotel.
      • Steam and Condensate management – HTS tracked down and documented the steam users, then replaced the damaged steam traps, plate and frame heat exchangers, and condensate receivers.  This dramatically reduced the hotel’s steam demand, along with the amount of makeup water and associated chemical treatment the hotel needed.  One boiler can now carry the load and actually cycles off due to the efficiency improvement.
      • PRV replacement
      • Piping work
      • Pump installation

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