When the VA Palo Alto Health Care System needed a turn-key boiler burner retrofit for their three Nebraska Boilers, HTS provided them with three Zeeco Ulta Low NOx (ULN) burner systems.  The original burner management system (BMS) was replaced with the Zeeco PLC based BMS stsyem.   A Free Jet (FJ) burner was used in this application.  The patented “gas lance” design ensures the burner gets exceptionally high turn down.  The burner package also includes a “wedding cake shape” prefabricated refractory throat which also plays a key role in the burner Ulta Low Nox performance.  Zeeco’s Free Jet Burner achieved guaranteed capacity of 35,000 pph steam and turndown as well as 70% NOx reduction when firing natural gas.

Equipment efficiency and compliance with emissions regulations are of utmost importance to clients like hospitals who run 24/7 operations.  Our engineers  would love to find some solutions to keep your company running as efficiently as possible!