Left Coast Brewing Company, an award winning, family owned craft brewery out of San Clemente began talking to us when they started experiencing boiler equipment issues that impacted their ability to brew at full capacity.  Upon our initial inspection, we saw that their burner and operating controls hadn’t been set up properly.  We recommended replacing the burner head and, in the meantime, retuned the burner and properly set up their operating controls, allowing them to operate their brewery at 100% capacity.

Prior to replacing their burner head, their boiler was going down daily and the equipment issues were putting their production schedule in jeopardy.  They had fresh yeast arriving in a couple of days and needed to get back online fast.    They called us in to replace the burner head, and when we did, we noticed that many of their boiler tubes were showing signs of overheating, another potential cause of boiler failures.  After retubing part of the boiler and repairing the burner head in time to use their ingredients at their freshest, we received this nice email:

My guys are starting their 5th brew since 3pm yesterday right now and the boiler is running like a champ.  Not a single issue thus far! Amazing!  Your team did a great job.”

–       Sean Bowers, Director of Brewing Operations/Left Coast

We are so glad we could provide solutions for Left Coast, freeing up their energy to focus on what they do best:  Crafting that wonderful local beer that has become so beloved in Orange County and among beer lovers everywhere!