Heat Transfer Solutions was approached by a leading aerospace company in need of some quick help. They needed a specialty weld on a high alloy material that their traditional service provider could not perform.

Once HTS removed the titanium sleeves from the head on the exchanger, it was determined that the inlet and outlet  had severe corrosion damage. In order to meet their stringent operational demands, HTS re-geared from a simple welding job to an emergency weld and repair. The customer contacted Jim Manley on Friday asking for any possible solution to be back online Monday morning.

Heat Transfer Solutions sent the necessary mechanics to remove the damaged and corroded head, brought it back to our facility to make the necessary weld repairs and returned it late Sunday afternoon. The exchanger was reinstalled and the original high alloy welds were completed.

The exchanger was put in service and the plant was in full operation Monday morning.

Heat exchangers are mission-critical components – when they fail, they can create multimillion dollar losses due to reduced or lost production associated with unplanned down time. Exchangers and tube bundles are subject to fouling in even moderate operation. They can be maintenance intensive due to erosion, corrosion and other issues. That’s why HTS is responsive to customer needs and provides value-driven services.

The Heat Transfer Solutions team is knowledgeable, responsive and professional. HTS provides unmatched customer service to consulting engineers, mechanical contractors and facility owners and is dedicated to delivering the right balance between cost and performance. As a pressure vessel repair company, it is not acceptable to simply tell a customer that something cannot be repaired. When dealing with refineries, hospitals, aerospace etc. we find solutions and get the job done.