Ajax WCP Series

WCP Series – High Efficiency Near Condensing Water Boiler

The Ajax Series high-efficiency near-condensing WCP Water Boiler performs dependably and quietly, offering the highest efficiency solutions for space heating. Modular design, low emissions, advanced controls, and easy start up make the Ajax Series the clear choice for all your high efficiency, near condensing needs.

Less than 9ppm NOx, 34? wide with dual fuel options, these units are made to perform for today’s green requirements, today’s small footprint requirement, and today’s high efficiency requirements. In the tradition of all Ajax products, these units are proudly hand-crafted here in the US of rugged steel components built to last. “Efficiency and Endurance by Design.”

Just a few of its features and benefits:

Great Performance

  • Up to 86% Thermal Efficiency
  • Up to 6:1 Turndown
  • Consistent Emissions with NO, NOx, CO < 9ppm
  • Clean and Smooth Light Off
  • Six Models 0.5 to 3.0 MBTU input

Superior Design

  • Full Modulation
  • Air Cooled Interrupted Pilot with UV Scanner
  • Carbon Steel Water Tube Boiler Construction
  • Center Fired Design
  • High Efficiency Tube Pitch
  • 8ft of Heat Surface per Boiler Horsepower
  • No Refreactory
  • Lightweight and Compact Design to fit through a standard door
  • Dual-Fuel (Natural Gas & Propane)

Advanced Controls

  • Advanced Boiler Protection
  • Anti-Condensation Control
  • Touch Screen System Operator Interface
  • Supports BMS Protocol: Modbus, BACnet and LonWorks


  • Removable Single Blower, Burner, Pilot, and Gas Train Assembly
  • Lightweight Insulation and Jacking
  • Low Jacket Temperature during Operation
  • Replaceable Air Intake Filter