Ajax Steam Boilers

Ajax Steam Boiler

Steel Inclined Watertube Steam Boilers


Ajax started with the inclined watertube boiler design concept.  They modified the design by adding steam drums above the watertubes to allow for steam accumulation and increasing the size of the waterboxes to allow for more steam disengaging surface area.  These improvements enable Ajax steam boilers to maintain a more stable water level and to better meet fluctuating steam demand when compared to conventional watertube steam boilers.


Ajax Boiler, Inc. has always been at the forefront of meeting regulatory standards for emissions.  Being located in Southern California has enabled Ajax to see where the emissions standards are headed and their R&D department has kept ahead of those standards.  Currently Ajax has burner designs to meet 9, 12, 20, or 30 ppm NOx requirements and 50 ppm CO requirements.


From a maintenance perspective, there is a lot to like about the Ajax steam boilers.  This design allows for visual inspection of the tubes, which can also be mechanically cleaned in place.  Tube replacement is with low cost, non-proprietary tubes which are rolled into place without the need of an ASME code welder.


Ajax manufactures steam boilers in sizes from 6 to 300 boiler horsepower and for maximum pressures of 15 psig or 150 psig.  The Ajax steam boiler has earned its bullet proof reputation through its rugged carbon steel construction and generous water volume and is designed to last for many decades.

Ajax Boiler, Inc. designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of boiler and commercial water heating products. With over eight decades of experience, the company offers high quality, heavy duty products with reputations for reliability, serviceability, and cost effective operation.