Ace Storage Water Heaters

Package Storage Water HeaterPackaged Storage Water Heaters

Completely assembled storage water heaters with tube bundle (double-wall available up to 450 psig) or electric heating elements, automatic controls, valves, piping, circulating system, wiring, insulated and skid mounted.

Steam, high temperature water or boiler water passes through the tubes heating the water in the tank. Available to meet a wide range of requirements for temperature rise and G.P.H. recovery. Small, medium, or large storage volumes are available in vertical or horizontal models.

“Ace Temp” Control System

Senses blended water temperatures for instant smooth opening and closing of steam or boiler water control valve.

Provides rapid response to the temperature and flow requirements of the cold water supply. The temperature control bulb in the circulating line senses immediate change in the temperature of the stored water. Also eliminates delays due to length bleed line.

Eliminates excessive cycling of the control valve, which can occur when short bursts of cold water are flushed over an immersed sensor bulb.

Hi-Draw Capacity for Peak Loads

Continuous pumped circulation results in full tank of hot water.  Tank coil in low portion of tank gives best heating of make-up water and gives maximum hot water storage.


  • Storage section constructed and stamped to ASME BPV Section VIII
  • Glass-lined tank standard
  • Single or double-wall “U” tube bundle readily accessible for maintenance
  • Steam, high temperature water or boiler water is used as the heating medium through tubes
  • Vertical or horizontal models
  • Self-operating, pneumatic or electric control valve available
  • 72? x 9? long (2250gallons) maximum (larger sizes available)
  • Primer finished
  • Completely packaged, ready for hook-up
  • Unlined


  • Cement or Pre-Krete
  • Insulating and jacketing packages – mirror finish stainless steel jacket
  • Stripped storage water heater – All controls / No insulation or jacket


  • Outlet water temperature to:
    • 160°F Max – glass lining
    • 180°F Max – cement lining
    • 350°F Max – Pre-Krete lining
  • Standard maximum allowable storage section working pressure 125 psig (150 psig available)
  • Tube bundle maximum allowable working pressure 150 psig standard, optional to 450 psig

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