Ace Mini-Pack

Domestic Water Heaters

The Ace Mini-Pack features total rust free construction with austenitic stainless and copper for all domestic water contact surfaces, providing high quality, low maintenance, and an extremely cost-effective domestic water heating package.

Rack Mounted Ace Mini-Packs

The Mini-Pack is offered in a variety of vertical and horizontal configurations. The vertical configuration saves floor space, is simple to install, and easy to service. The vertical unit also provides complete drainage of condensate. Universal mounting brackets allow the Mini-Pack to be mounted in the horizontal configuration. Horizontal units can easily be mounted as single or multi-unit configurations.


  • Single or double-wall copper tubing construction
  • Completely packaged, ready for hook-up
  • All solid non-ferrous construction on potable water side. Solid austenitic stainless steel shell with copper tubes
  • Vertical or horizontal models
  • Tube bundle readily accessible without moving heater, shell or foundation (excluding double-wall vertical model)
  • Compact design requires less floor space
  • Mirror finish stainless steel jacket
  • Self-operated, pneumatic or electric control valves
  • All trim items such as steam traps, isolating valves, gauges, etc.

Options:Ace Mini-Pack

  • Custom packaging available, including pre-piping multiple units and multiple control valves
  • Cupro Nickel or Stainless Steel tubing
  • Vented double-wall tubing, as required for cross-contamination prevention by the National Plumbing Code, is now mandatory in several states and cities. The Ace double-wall Mini-Pack is a proven, practical way to comply with double wall regulations.
  • Extended 10 and 20 year warranties
  • Nema 4 controls
  • Double safety solenoid


  • Tight domestic water temperature control of ± 4°F at heater outlet
  • Models accept boiler water, steam from 15 through 150 psig, or high temperature hot water as heating medium
  • Steam models provide condensate sub-cooling
  • Standard sizes cover domestic hot water output from 1 to 300 gpm.
  • Constructed and stamped to ASME BPV Code Section VIII